Smoke detector sets

Radio-Interlinked smoke detector sets with 10 years battery

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The radio-linked smoke detector sets with a 10 years battery from iHaus (Hager TG551A - OEM) belong in the top class of current smoke alarm technology. The smoke detector sets protect what is really important: the family. Radio-linked smoke detectors from iHaus have the important advantage, that you always have battery status and the functional reliability of your smoke detectors in view. Failures or faults in the event of a fire are impossible as your smartphone will immediately inform you of any changes. They also communicate with each other and alert simultaneously in all rooms equipped with smoke alarms, even if only one of the radio-linked smoke detector deflects.


The smoke detector sets from iHaus meet the highest safety standards, proven with the VdS certification and Q label. The radio-link, heat and smoke alarms don’t leave anything to chance; the modified Hager smoke detector TG551A from iHaus quickly detects different types of fire and triggers alarms.

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Radio-linked smoke alarms, networkable with 10 years battery

The iHaus smoke detector is awarded with the VdS certification and Q label and fulfills the highest standards as radio-linked, heat and smoke alarm.

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Our IP-enabled smoke and heat detector (Hager TG551A - OEM) not only warns you and your family safely and reliably against smoke and heat, but also becomes a true multifunctional talent with the free iHaus app. The smoke detector can be linked with other web-enabled devices in the house and provides you with useful information. You will bring a strong smart home device into your home or house. From the individual smoke alarm device to the gateway to the point of a complete set, just have look around and find the right product for your home. 


Smoke detector certificates

VdS certificate  DIN EN 14604 DIN 14676 Q label test protocol CE mark

The modified radio-linked dual smoke detector TG551A from Hager (OEM) in a set, with small size and attractive design for dual smoke and heat detection, with threshold detection and temperature rise characteristics A2. Smoke detection can be deactivated for use in kitchens or dusty applications. The detector has the DIN EN 14604 with additional certification according to the increased test requirements of the Q certification on basis of vfdb guidelines 14-01, which can be translated as "Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection".

Increased test criteria against contamination and increased protection against moist heat, oxidation and EMC, as well as better temperature circulation. For the early detection and signaling of fires with smoke development in the interior of dwellings or dwelling-like areas, as well as mobile homes, residential and camping cars.


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Smoke detector obligation in Europe

Only since July 2016 all 16 countries in Germany have set up the general mandatory smoke detection by law.


Why fire detectors are important

In the media there are almost daily reports of fires in residential buildings. Usually there is very little time to escape; smoke and fire are particularly dangerous at night, when the inhabitants are surprised in their sleep. According to the fire brigade, only about four minutes remain for the escape from a burning house. The smoke detection obligation is to prevent this. Already inhaling a lung filling with fire smoke can lead to the worst. In Germany, about 400 people die each year as a result of a fire; most victims are not claimed from the flames, but from fire smoke.

When every minute counts, radio-linked smoke detectors save lives in an emergency and therefore have to function in the event of a fire. Too often people are injured, because the battery of the fire detector is empty or the sensors have failed in case of emergency, and the alarm has not reached the residents in time.

Advantages of radio-linked smoke detectors

Radio-linked smoke detectors, that communicate with each other like the Hager TG 551A are an advantage: radio-linked alarms alert simultaneously when a fire breaks out in one of the rooms. It doesn’t matter in which room heat or smoke has been detected, because the networked smoke alarm sets communicate with each other and also send a push message to your iHaus App in real-time. Even family and loved ones can be alarmed in case of emergency via e-mail or message. If a fire should occur when you are not at home, you will always be aware of the situation and you can inform the fire brigade before any damage is done.

But the iHaus App  for iOS and Android can do much more: it not only connects your smoke detectors, but also all other web-capable devices regardless the brand. You can flexibly extend existing KNX solutions from building systems technology and link them with functions of various IoT products very easily. This not only provides more security, but also more efficiency and comfort..

The iHaus team will be happy to assist you with the installation. In addition to the professional installation service, iHaus also offers smoke detector tutorials online. The tutorials explain how to activate the new iHaus smoke and heat alarm quickly and easily, scan the QR code and connect it to other smoke detectors. The tutorial also shows how to integrate the radio-linked smoke detectors into the iHaus App.

Smoke detector set basic equipment

Smoke detectors are now mandatory even in the last German country; it is based on the DIN norm 14676, which mainly deals with technical specifications and maintenance details. Each state can determine where and how many smoke detectors are required. One thing is certain: fire alarms are soon to be compulsory in all bedrooms, children's rooms and corridors, so with this basic equipment you are perfectly prepared in every German state.

Also several European countries have submitted new smoke detector regulations, in greater parts of Switzerland for example, Austria and whole of France, smoke detectors are already mandatory in all homes. Only Italy doesn’t have any smoke detector regulations yet.

Whether as a single piece or as a set of 2 to 10 smoke alarms, with the smoke detector sets from iHaus you are well prepared.

Zudem hast du über die App die Raumtemperatur und den aktuellen Status deines Rauch- und Wärmemelders im Blick und erhältst beispielsweise bei starker Verschmutzung des Gerätes einen Hinweis auf dein Smartphone.

Part of the basic equipment for iHaus' intelligent radio-linked smoke detectors is the WIFI gateway, your ticket to the Internet of Things (IoT). The radio-linked smoke detectors connect via the wireless WIFI gateway with all other IP-capable devices in the house. Welcome to the future! The iHaus App opens a whole new range of possibilities for you. In the event of a fire, the system can switch on smart lamps such as the Philips Hue or additionally make an announcement through your SONOS sound systems to warn you.

You will also have an overview on the room temperature and the current status of your smoke and heat alarm via the app, and get indication of contamination on your smartphone for example, when the smoke detector is very dirty.

Save with the sets of radio-linked smoke detectors

With the smoke detector sets from iHaus (Hager TG551A - OEM) you can save good money. The WIFI gateway can be used for an infinite number of devices. There are no restrictions on how many devices can be connected to one gateway. The basic equipment with the smoke and heat alarms are a one-time cost only. Included in the smoke detector set, there are not only the fitting magnet pads for an easy mounting, but also the iHaus WIFI gateway..

So whether you buy the smoke detector set of 2 or 10 smoke detectors, the gateway is always included. With the 10 years battery, the smoke detectors are also more cost-efficient, as you don’t have to buy batteries or replace devices. Infinite expansion possibilities! If necessary, you can expand additional rooms with individual devices at any time and integrate them quickly and easyly into your intelligent smart home via the wireless WIFI gateway.

In a multi-party residential building, the montage up to a maximum of 40 detectors is possible, but the range can easily be increased with the additional activation of any of the detectors as a repeater in the radio-linked network.