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Smart Home wireless smoke detector with app function

Smoke detector von iHaus
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Hager Smoke detector

In case of fire and smoke development the iHaus smoke detector warns you and your family with a sound signal and a notification on your smartphone. With the iHaus App you can check the status of your iHaus smoke and fire detectors and even send a maintenance report. In terms of smoke detectors the iHaus AG counts on the technological experience of the Hager Group as one of the leading safety technology providers in Germany.



The detector measures fire with formation of smoke


The heat detector measures a variation in temperature


Collective warning via radio link


Fire call on your smartphone


10 years reliability with lithium batteries


Fast installation with magnet pads

Smoke detector & app: Fire protection under control, always and everywhere

With the iHaus App, you will not only know immediately when your home is on fire, but you also have an eye on the functionality and the battery life of the heat detectors at any time, no matter where you are. You can also check the temperature with the app. And as an overall smart home system, you don’t only have you smoke detectors, but all other IoT devices on the screen and under control.


Smoke detector Smartphone
Smoke detector Smartphone

Modern smoke detectors design

With it’s plain white appearance and the slim overall impression of 116 x 49 millimeters, the iHaus fire detectors look timeless and modern, whether in the office, bedroom or kitchen.



Smoke detector
Smoke detector
Smoke detector ihaus - hager

Smart Home Integration

Connect your lifeguards to your smart home. The linking takes place via the iHaus WIFI gateway. Thanks to the iHaus App, the smoke detectors can be connected to other IoT devices. In case of an alarm SONOS plays the voice command "Attention! Smoke in the children's room!".

A homelike integration

Simple, slim and smart: Not only the inner values of the iHaus smart home smoke detectors are heroic, they can also be seen everywhere. With the subtle modern design and the compact size, they seamlessly fit into every room.


Dual safety with heat and scattered light measurement


VdS-certification DIN EN 14604 DIN 14676 Q label test certificate CE mark


The modified Hager smoke detector TG551A from iHaus has been awarded with the VdS certification and Q-Label, showing that it fulfills the highest standards as heat and smoke alarm. So different types of fire can be quickly recognized and you can always rely on your smart fire experts at home. The smoke detectors are suitable for rooms, houses, apartments, practices, hotels, restaurants, commercial and offices.


Top quality by VdS & Q-label

The Q stands for quality of smoke detectors. The independent Q-label distinguishes high-quality alarms, which are particularly durable and proven to be very safe. Preceded by the CE mark, it supplements the European product standard DIN 14604.

Fire detection via heat measurement

The fire detector detects heat development with the integrated temperature sensor. The detector feels rapid temperature changes in case of liquid fires for example, and warns particularly in the kitchen and bath or in the chimney area..

Smoke detection via scattered light measurement

The second functional principle of the smoke detectors is the optical scattered light measurement. It detects very small smoke particles in the air. This principle has proved itself particularly useful in combating smoldering fires, which are slowly spreading.




Alarm and alarm stop by wireless push button detector

hager-TG558B und hager-TG558A

TG558-A and TG558-B are radio and push button detectors designed to integrate into an existing smoke detector radio network for manual alarm triggering or alarm reset. A tool-free push-button combination integrates both accessory devices into the smoke detector network.

Both systems serve the scope of e.g. Practices, law firms, businesses, hotels or similar applications. The use of the pressure detection button can be replaced separately after approx. 10 years after the low battery warning.



Smoke detectors linked with the smartphone alert for more security

With radio-linked smoke detectors, your home is even better protected. The radio-link simultaneously triggers an alarm on all smoke detectors. It doesn’t matter in which room heat or smoke was detected. Additional the iHaus App can send an alert to your smartphone in real-time. Even your family and loved ones can be informed directly in the event of an alarm with a push message or e-mail.


Smoke detector wireless

Ideal protection for your home

Smoke detectors are now compulsory in most German states. Also several European countries have submitted new smoke detector regulations, such as France, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK. According to legal requirements in Germany for example, they are to be installed in the bedrooms, children's rooms and in the corridor. As a dual smoke detector with heat detection, the iHaus fire detector is also suitable for the kitchen. In order to avoid false alarms caused by harmless smoke and steam during cooking, the optical scattering light function on the smoke detector can be deactivated. Instead, the heat detection provides protection from fires in the kitchen. The thermo sensors alert you in case of a very fast heat development.


Smoke detector locations in the apartment



iHaus Funk Rauchmelder Test

Rauchmelder Experten

"Wir haben hier einen nur sehr kleinen Teil des Systems beleuchtet, welcher jedoch gerade für uns Rauchmelder-Experten sehr interessant ist. Sehr gut gefallen hat uns die leichte Einrichtung des Systems und auch der Rauchmelder selbst."

ehome News

"Und zum Kreise dieser Warnhelfer gehören zum Beispiel smarte Leuchten oder Ihre vernetzte Musikanlage. Doch über Ihre Boxen dröhnt dann kein schriller Sirenenton. Stattdessen informiert das System Sie per Sprache, wo genau es brennt."

Smart Wohnen

"Der iHaus Rauch- und Wärmemelder fügt sich dank geringer Abmessungen und ansprechendem Design dezent in jede Raumumgebung ein und zeichnet sich durch schnelle und problemlose Montage aus."
App download

Smart Home app with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android for controlling IoT and KNX devices

Smoke detectors protect your family and your property!


Technical characteristics: Hager Rauchmelder TG551A (OEM)

  • Alarm volume: 85dB
  • Diameter: 116 mm
  • Detection radius: 50 m²
  • Height: 49 mm
  • 10 years battery
  • Radio linkable
  • Max. link-up with 40 detectors
  • WLAN gateway for internet connection
  • DUAL version with temperature sensor and smoke detection
  • Alarm Silence
  • Mounting without drilling
  • Magnetic fixing
  • Linkable
  • WLAN-capable via gateway
  • Smart Home ready
  • Theft protection
  • Optical signal when triggered
  • VdS-certification
  • DIN EN 14604
  • DIN 14676
  • Q label

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