The iHaus company

The iHaus AG is a European software solution provider based in Unterföhring near Munich working on ​​building control and building system technology. The company was founded in 2013 and currently employs 12 people in the fields of software development, business development & sales as well as marketing. With the new and patented software to control and link all web-capable devices, iHaus understands itself as a platform provider for all web-enabled devices of the smart home sector regardless their brand with the iHaus App acting as the digital interface.

iHaus has a clear vision: We wanted to create a simple and intuitive application, that allows our customer to combine house automation and lifestyle devices, regardless the brand or system. The app is open to any system, and that is why the corporation can react flexibly to the constantly changing market requirements. We offer an integrative solution for the future, meeting the relevant requirements and wishes of our customers, and don’t just offer a single-use solution.

The iHaus corporation started as part of Claus Heinemann Elektroanlagen GmbH, which is still the foundation for the development of iHaus with more than 20 years of experience in building control and network technology. A strong team of specialists, a good network and many years of market experience in using and integrating innovative electrical technologies build the basis for the successful development and marketing of iHaus.



Robert Klug
Robert Klug, Vorstand

Klaus Herbrig
Klaus Herbrich, Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender


Hans Roth
Hans Roth, Aufsichtsrat
Petra Kopp
Petra Kopp, Aufsichtsrat


Brand Philosophy

Since we were kids, we were dreaming of a perfect house. We built sandcastles and created fantastic buildings with LEGO, each construction a manifestation of our imagination. Today we are still dreaming, of a home that we can shape to our needs and our requirements, a home that is a mirror of our life. So far, you could choose between parquet or laminate, wallpaper or exposed concrete, tiles or latex paint. You only have very limited possibilities to embrace your living.

We live in the era of smartphones and tablets, where everybody and everything is connected as it has never been before, and yet we still have to choose instead of merging our vision of home and the reality

Why doesn't the smart TV tell you about the traffic situation on your usual work route while you are having breakfast, or does the smoke detection system use all lighting and sound systems available to raise an alarm? Why do washing machines not automatically use the short-term supply of solar power of the photovoltaics system or does the supermarket tell you, that you can shop for groceries without queuing at the counter?


The answer is: Because iHaus didn’t exist yet.

iHaus is the platform that finally combines a wide range of home automation and entertainment systems into an overall application, easy to handle and as flexible as life can be. Like an intelligent operating system for buildings. The light reacts to the season and the heater knows when the residents aren’t at home. The house even recognizes the living routines and saves them on request. The app reports and detects problems by remote diagnosis online, and can save people's life with the life-care function. iHaus is open to the integration of apps and components of all kinds. Your home will be more than just a house.

With iHaus, you will have a smart home and a very personal digital assistant for your life.


Investor Relations

The iHaus AG is a fast-growing company in an attractive future market with excellent prognosis. Our solutions are orientated on the requirements and wishes of consumers. They enable easy networking of living environments, add value and benefits for integrated products and are open to new developments.

iHaus is a public limited company (PLC) and is currently privately owned. iHaus is not yet listed on the stock market. We will keep you up to date on the latest developments.

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