The smartest car of all

Tesla Charging Station - Supercharger alternative

Nobody can ignore electric vehicles these days, the new Tesla vehicles from Silicon Valley, California are challenging the entire automobile industry and raise the heartbeat of real tech freaks. Tesla is staying ahead of its competitors with it’s smart control system and it’s advanced electric driving technology. You can drive the car with just an app.

Here comes iHaus into play! You can now not only connect your home, but also your garage and your Tesla. This opens a whole new range of possibilities: iHaus informs you of the state of charge, vehicle location, beeps the horn and can even heats up the car in winter when you turn on the heater in your living room!



With the iHaus App you can read the charging status including the possible range of your Tesla.


Start and stop the charging process with the iHaus App and get a message, when the car is fully charged.


Use the iHaus App to control the air conditioning system of your Tesla for a comfortable temperature, when you need to get into your car.


Heat up your car in the morning, for a cuddly warm drive to work.

Sleeping mode

Activate your car with the iHaus app.

Smart home appliances

Link your car to other IoT devices at home and create personalised commands.


Integrate Tesla into your iHaus app

Most of the features from the Tesla app itself are also available in the iHaus App. Only one app is needed to use your smart home devices and now your smart car. You can heat up your car, before you leave or see if it is already fully charged. You can also connect your Tesla with other devices in your iHaus App. You can command your car with Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant for example, or perhaps you want the lights to give you a visual signal, when the car is fully charged. Learn more about the possibilities when you have your Tesla and the iHaus App combined in one system.

Tesla App

To integrate your new smart car into the iHaus App, you have to configure your Tesla first in the Tesla app in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you haven’t already, download the iHaus App now from your Google Play or your Apple store.

Tesla App

When you finished the configuration of the Tesla app, you can now link your account with iHaus. Select "+ Add", "New Devices and Services" and then go to "Available Services". When you enter your login data for the Tesla app here, you can create a LINKIT.

Tesla iHaus App

You can now use all Tesla features with your iHaus App. You can manage the charging status and heating, see the possible range, use the locating service or the sleeping mode and even beep the horn – control a whole smart home system and your car with the iHaus App.

Tesla iHaus App

Because you can connect your car with other IoT devices available in your iHaus App such as Philips HUE lamps, SONOS speakers or your intelligent smoke detectors. Create a SUM-ITUP, that includes your new Tesla or activate the car with Alexa’s voice command.

App Download

iHaus App for Tesla with voice control over Alexa for iOS and Android to control IoT and KNX devices

Connect Amazon Alexa with my Tesla

„Alexa, turn on automatic heater”



You can use the same voice commands you currently use for Amazon Echo and Alexa to command the Tesla with the iHaus App. You simply create a SUM-ITUP, “Heating” for example, and Alexa will heat up your car in the morning, when you tell her: “Alexa, turn on the heater.” It is as easy as that!

Of course this also works for the air conditioning system: It’s a hot summer day and you want to turn on the air conditioning, before you get into your car. You just have to say: “Alexa, turn on AC.”, and your personalized SUM-ITUP you have created will make sure you have a comfortable temperature in your car and home. Or you activate your Tesla via voice command, and Alexa switches off the cars sleeping mode, as soon as you trigger the SUM-ITUP “Tesla”.


Note: A connection with Alexa is only possible with a switched on 24/7 Server mode and an active app. FAQ about connecting


Charging, heating and status request – how you make the most of Tesla and iHaus

Once you have integrated your Tesla into the iHaus App, there are many different ways to use it. Because the iHaus App connects so many devices regardless their brand, you can create various scenes and personalized situations, including your car.

iHaus gathered some ideas, how you can make the most of your iHaus App and Tesla. Of course these are just a few inspirations and not the end of the story, as there are many more options to come.

But let’s start with a smart home linked with your car!

Tesla iHaus App

Charging notifications

If you want to know, when your Tesla is fully charged, you have several options. You can either get a) A push notification like “Tesla 100 % charged”, or b) Let your Philips Hue lamps flash, or c) Use the voice output function of your SONOS, to give you an audio signal. You only need to link the corresponding devices in a SUM-ITUP and use in case of the SONOS the text-to-speech function.

A good morning with iHaus and Tesla

Do you remember your SUM-ITUP “Good morning”? The lights slowly turn on, the shutters open, soft music plays and the coffee machine is already grinding the coffee, while Google maps checks the traffic on your usual route to work – this scene now extends to your Tesla, which heats up, when it’s cold or cools down on a hot day.

Fire or burglary warning alarm

Your Tesla can even be part of your security system at home, if you want. It beeps the horn, when someone tries to break into your house for example, and alerts you and your neighborhood or even scare the potential burglars away. The car can also participate in your smoke alarm, and beep the horn simultaneously, when the fire detector strikes.



Be mindful, and charge your car with solar energy for a smaller economical and ecological footprint

Be mindful, and charge your car with solar energy for a smaller economical and ecological footprint

The total power consumption is displayed by a third party (e.g. . auf in the iHouse app. Following the if-this-then-that principle, the app prevents additional electricity sources to be used, when the Tesla is charging. The charging process pauses, when other devices are in use – the washing machine for example – and allows your smart home to operate this processes energy efficient and sustainable.

Solardach / Solar roofing zum Tesla laden

The iHaus-mode – a research with Tesla at the Technical University Munich


Eight students from the department of “Applied Software Engineering” at the Technical University Munich successfully completed the project "MICRO Grid - Efficient Energy Management in Private Households" for iHaus, which yield them the first prize of the Smart Home Deutschland Award. In the home of the future, everything used energy as efficient as possible, from the refrigerator to the car, every electronic device uses sustainable energy to minimize energy guzzlers and automate saving processes with increased or reduced requirements. Watch this video below and find out, which solutions will be possible in the future, and which are not and why.


Tesla’s e-mobility – sustainable fun

Manfred Kick is a Brand Ambassador and Tesla driver of the first hour, and helps iHaus with his knowledge about his favourite car. As Brand Ambassador, Manfred is always one of the first to test the latest models. His opinion is in high demand, when it comes to interviews about Tesla, the e-mobility and the pros of Tesla’s technology. The car lover from Munich explains in this short video, why he believes in the sustainable technology of Tesla and which distance he covered already with their cars. From Munich to London? No problem for Manfred Kick! Quite to the opposite of public opinions, the Tesla is a full-fledged car and for Manfred, the best he ever had!


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The Tesla family

The Tesla family includes three models at the moment: The Tesla S, X and the recently announced Model 3. The newest generation of electric motors, a modern, rehashed design, and the ability to drive fully independent. The smart control system and its advanced electric driving technology are challenging the established industry and add an exciting value with their eco-friendly charging option. The sophisticated power station network belongs to all models of the US startup, and can be used even for long distances, thanks to the high-speed charging option.


S model

Tesla Model S

The Tesla sedan model S is on the market since 2012. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds. Depending on the battery and driving conditions, it reaches between 200 to 600 kilometers in distance. This model also has an autopilot function, to make your driving particularly safe and comfortable. The Tesla S is available from about 70,000 Euro.

X model

Tesla Model X

The Tesla model X is a upper class SUV, that has been on the market since 2015. The has space for up to seven people, and has so-called "Falcon Wings", wing doors divided in two parts in the back. Like the S model, it has two trunks, one in the stern and one in the front. The Tesla model X accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds and is available from around 91,000 Euro.

model 3

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 was officially unveiled, and can now be pre-ordered for delivery in anticipation of mid 2018 for a 1,000 Euro deposit. The cheapest model of the Tesla family is available from 35,000 USD. The Tesla 3 has a range distance of up to 345 kilometers per battery charge and is considered one of the safest cars in its class. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds.


Tesla Ladestation

With the Tesla charging station, the electric car can be recharged in the garage over a classic 3-phase connection with a charging capacity of 11 kW at the most. On the road, Tesla has built the so-called “Supercharger network” in Europe, Asia and North America. At the charging stations, Tesla vehicles can be ready for long distances within 30 minutes.

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App Download

App for Tesla with voice control over Alexa for iOS and Android to control IoT and KNX devices

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