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Link Alexa to Sonos - Alexa Sonos Skills for Speech Control


With SONOS sound systems combined with Alexa, Amazon's smart digital assistant, listening to music becomes a whole new experience. No more annoying switching on and off on the display. Just tell Alexa when you want to listen to a playlist or a radio station over your SONOS loudspeakers. As soon as you brought Alexa and SONOS together in the iHaus App, they will provide relaxed music environment via voice command.

iHaus APP mit Sonos koppeln

iHaus systematically connects all devices and systems in smart homes including SONOS loudspeakers with Amazon Echo and Alexa. Download the iHaus Smart Home App for free in the Apple or Google Play Store and install the iHaus Alexa skill.

iHaus APP mit Sonos koppeln

Your SONOS loudspeaker can now be set up and controlled as LINKIT in your iHaus App – still in the old classic way with a fingertip on the screen. On, off, pause, back and forth, louder or quieter - this can now all be regulated with the iHaus App. But there is more ...

iHaus APP mit Sonos koppeln

With the iHaus smart home scenes called SUM-ITUP, it is easy to link and control all different kinds of IoT devices in smart homes simultaneously or alternately. This is the way how SONOS and Alexa can be connected and controlled as well.

iHaus APP mit Sonos koppeln

The assistant activates the stored SUM-ITUP "Alexa, start scene SONOS ON" via voice command and plays your favorite radio station for example. Combined with other devices such as Philips Hue lights or smart sockets, you can now start a whole smart home party.


Connect Amazon Alexa to SONOS PLAY

With the iHaus skill for Amazon Echo Alexa controls the speakers via voice command. In the official manufacturer app this Alexa-function is not yet possible. Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot and PLAY Soundsystems can be linked to Alexa in the iHaus App via SUM-ITUP and can be controlled via voice commands such as "Alexa, start scene SONOS ON" or "Alexa, start scene FAVORITE PLAYLIST". The video tutorial explains step by step how to link and direct SONOS and Alexa in the iHaus App with LINKITs and SUM-ITUP.


Hinweis: Die Verknüpfung mit Alexa funktioniert nur mit aktivem 24/7 Servermodus und offener App. FAQ zur Anbindung

„Alexa start scene SONOS ON!“
To connect Alexa to the boxes, you have to add both devices in the iHaus App first. Create a new LINKIT in the room you chose with “+ Add” and select the music LINKIT. Select your SONOS device. Create a SUM-ITUP with "Switch On". Change the name to "SONOS ON". Create another SUM-ITUP that will turn off the box by selecting "Off" and call it "SONOS OFF". Activate the iHaus skill in the Alexa app. Alexa now recognizes your iHaus scenes, which you can activate with a voice command like "Alexa, start scene SONOS ON" or "Alexa, start scene SONOS OFF". A detailed guide is available in the video.


Control SONOS, Alexa and other IoT devices in just one app

SONOS loudspeakers, Amazon Echo & Alexa, Apple HomeKit, KNX systems, PHILIPS HUE, OSRAM and IKEA TRADFRI lamps, Netatmo weather stations, Nest thermostats, intelligent sockets or iHaus smoke detectors: The iHaus App connects more and more devices in smart homes regardless of manufacturer or system. Once established, they can be controlled individually or together as smart home situations (SUM-ITUP) or by the if-this-then-that-principle (TRIGGER).
Amazon Echo und DOT steuern SONOS per Sparchbefehl

App Download for SONOS

Smart Home app for Sonos with voice control via Alexa Skill for iOS and Android for controlling IoT and KNX devices


Streaming via WLAN

How does SONOS work?

The home sound system from SONOS is the musical entertainment center in a smart home. The PLAY speakers transfer individual rooms or your entire apartment into a concert hall or your living room into a home cinema. The speakers stream your music via wifi and access apps like Spotify or your own music collection.

SONOS home theatre

The sound system turns your living room into your personal home cinema. Connect the speakers to your TV and enjoy a full 5.1 surround sound. Take the PLAYBAR with nine speakers or PLAYBASE as a perfect foundation for freestanding TVs and complement it with SUB and PLAY:1. Now take the front seat.


The SONOS Home Sound Family

The loudspeaker family includes several devices in different sizes, strengths and price classes. But all provide a good and clear sound and play your complete digital music collection. All this works via WLAN and not from your smartphone in order to avoid disturbing noise and dropouts also with calls. The speakers can be combined as well, perfectly for surround sound systems in individual rooms or across the entire house.



The loudspeakers of the PLAY line are perfect as a starter system for sharp sound in smart homes. The compact PLAY:1 speakers, the powerful PLAY:3 with three speakers or the intelligent PLAY:5 with six synchronized drifts, it’s own amplifier and the innovative TRUEPLAY system that adapts to your rooms.



These two hifi systems are competing with the classical ones, cordless, with subtle optics and huge theater-filling hifi sound. Cinema, series, music and games fans get their money worth with the wireless soundbar systems. The new PLAYBASE is the perfect base for freestanding TVs.



You will feel every chord, bassline and drumbeat all over your body with the SUB. Thanks to the two opposing force-canceling loudspeakers, the music sounds loud and clear without rattling, background noise in the case or vibration. It also provides significantly deeper bass at each of your speakers.

SONOS CONNECT und Verstärker

SONOS Connect

If you don’t want to loose your existing music system or your receiver, you can upgrade it with the CONNECT music streaming upgrade for analog, optical and coaxial audio connections to listen to CDs and LPs as well as your digital music selection. The professional model CONNECT: AMP also supports existing speakers with a built-in amplifier.

App Download for SONOS

Smart Home app for Sonos with voice control via Alexa Skill for iOS and Android for controlling IoT and KNX devices


SONOS products in the shop

Lifestyle enthusiasts, music and home cinema lovers will get their money worth, as the manufacturer offers the right sound system for every taste. Let yourself be inspired and discover the limitless and multimedial possibilities that iHaus and SONOS open up for you.



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