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iHaus smart home central - 24/7 smart home server

To use iHaus with Alexa and also from anywhere you like, you either need a mobile device like an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Android device, or the JUNG panel, which can take on the server function at home. To use a mobile device as the server, it just has to run in a 24/7 mode in your WiFi network.

Our recommendation: Maybe you can give an older discarded device a new purpose, and use it instead? It only has to be switched into the "guided access" with a few clicks. In the following you’ll get to know, how the server mode works, it’s purpose and how to set it up.




Control your smart home via voice command and on the road

With the iHaus App in 24/7 server mode you carry your smart home in your pocket. Check and regulate your room temperature, switch your lights on and off, open the door or or start your washing machine on the road. You can control your IoT and KNX devices regardless of the brand individually or together via voice command to Alexa and Amazon Echo. 





Note: The app does not necessarily have to function in the foreground. It can also be used with the server mode in the background.


Note: With iOS devices in server mode the iHaus App always need to run in the foreground to control the smart home on the road or with Alexa.



App server functions


Protect your smart home with a fingerprint sensor and a video talk-back system at your door, with iHaus heat and smoke detectors and window or door contacts. With the 24/7 control center you’ll always have an eye on your home, no matter where you are.


Heat up your house or flat in time with the iHaus Smart Home App to feel comfortably warm, when you come home and to reduce energy costs, when you are away. With the iHaus TRIGGER function you can of course also automatize the heating according to a time schedule.

Shutters/ blinds

Your KNX enabled shutters/ blinds can also be opened and closed from everywhere via remote access with the iHaus server mode. For example when it’s very warm outside, you can prevent your smart home to heat up too much by closing the shutters.

Remote access

The iHaus 24/7 server mode makes it possible to get access to all your tethered devices from outside, whether you are on holidays or at the office. You can also simulate to be present for example by turning on the lights and shutting down blinds to always protect your home.

Light control

Switch on your smart lighting system like Philips Hue or IKEA Tradfri individually or together or change their colors via voice control. You can create several light moods and situations according to the time or your plans and activate them as you like.

Power usage

By connecting intelligent electric meters like Discovergy or also TP-Link WiFi plugs to the iHaus App, you can always check and optimize your energy consumption in your smart home. Expose power guzzlers and improve your ecological footprint and your electricity bill.


Further functionalities

WiFi plugs

With radio-linked or WiFi enabled plugs even your old devices become smart. With linked power strips you can start and stop all your devices at once via app or voice command.

Alexa Voice Service

With Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and Alexa Voice Service, your digital assistant, you control your complete connected home easily via voice command. Say something like “Alexa, start scene EVERYTHING OFF” and all your devices turn off.

Device status

Check every time and from everywhere if e.g. the washing machine is still running, if the lights are all off, if the windows are all closed or what temperature each room has. Even your smoke detectors’ functionality can be proved with the iHaus App.


Connect your SONOS Home Sound System and Philips Hue LED lights with the iHaus system and control your living room via voice command to Alexa. Also integrate your Samsung Smart TV to be the director of your smart home.

Windows and doors

With the iHaus contact sensors for windows and doors you’ll always know, what’s open. This helps you protect your home and belongings and warns you when it’s raining for example. Windows open? Then turn down the heating, iHaus!

Garage control

With the garage door control and the Novoferm smartGarage system or via KNX your garage becomes smart as well. It becomes even smarter with a Tesla car, which can also be managed with the iHaus App.

Presence simulation

If you plan to travel for a longer period of time you can create SUM-ITUP scenarios, which make your home look occupied while you are away. Let your lights shine automatically or the shutters go up and shut down. Activate your motion detectors, which will inform you via push notification.


With the iHaus App and smart thermostats (tado°, Netatmo, Honeywell, Nest) and weather stations (Netatmo) you’ll always know, how warm or cold it is at home. Even the iHaus heat and smoke detectors can be used as temperature sensors.

Air quality

Not only the temperature, but also humidity and CO2 concentration in the air can be observed and automatically optimized with the Netatmo weather station and iHaus. The air is too stuffy? Your SONOS sound system informs you via voice output or your Philips Hue LEDs send flash signals.


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Which devices can be used as the server?

All Google certified Android devices like tablet PCs and smartphones: Devices from numerous manufacturers of different ages can be used as a server. They at least need to run with Android version 4.3. By that you don’t need any additional and expensive smart home server/ gateway.

Apple certified devices like the iPhone, iPod or iPad with at least iOS version 9.0 can be used as the iHaus server, no matter how old they are. Smartphones like the iPhone 5x or 6x can be used instead of buying additional hardware.




How to activate the server with iOS:

  • Activate "guided access" in iOS settings "General" > "Accessibility"
  • Start iHaus app
  • Activate the 24/7 server mode in the iHaus settings, and set the home WiFi
  • Press the home button three times until the "guided access" screen appears.
  • Choose from the three options "hardware-buttons, touch and access time", then click "Start" in the upper right corner. Now the iHaus App is called "guided access" or "kiosk mode"!
  • Note: You should deactivate your green screen: Set the automatic lock switch to “never” in your iOS settings. You will find it in "display & brightness"

Now Alexa can process your voice commands and you can operate, control and receive push notifications on your smartphone as well..

How to activate the server with Android

  • Start the iHaus App.
  • Activate the 24/7 server mode in the iHaus settings.
  • Let the app run in the foreground.
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Connected Home App with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android devices to operate IoT and KNX devices.

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