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Setting up and networking the Netatmo weather station

As early as 2012, Netatmo launched its first intelligent weather station on the market. The company now offers numerous smart home products such as security cameras and heating controllers. However, Netatmo's weather station with additional upgrade components is the product with which Netatmo has made a name for itself. It provides information at any time about temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2 values and even the noise level at home. With the Netatmo rain gauge, the Netatmo anemometer, outdoor add-on modules as extensions or intelligent heating controllers and thermostats, the climate in your home can be further optimized and, thanks to iHaus, combined intelligently with other devices.



Smart Home App mit Apple Homekit

To connect a Netatmo weather station to the iHaus ecosystem, select the NETATMO weather station in the iHaus App via "New devices and services" and log in with your Netatmo access; iHaus recognizes your settings.

HomeKit App

If you have integrated a Netatmo weather station or measuring device in the Netamo App, the data on temperature, noise level, etc. will be displayed in real time. You can use these values as TRIGGERS for your iHaus SUM-ITUP and have access to your devices and values at any time.

Apple HomeKit App

This way, in the iHaus app you have all the data on the indoor and outdoor climate in your home with you always and everywhere. And you can manage them with other devices in your Smart Home in SUM-ITUP scenes and automate them using if-then scenarios (TRIGGERS).

Smart Home App mit Apple Homekit

For example, you can set to receive a push message or email when the humidity exceeds a certain value. Or you can let your Philips Hue lamps flash red when the noise level becomes too high. We will show you how to do this in our tutorials.

iHaus App Download for Netatmo

Smart Home App with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android to control IoT and KNX devices


The iHaus App detects Netatmo devices

Use the iHaus App to control all your Netatmo devices, such as weather stations and thermostats, and intelligently link them to other Smart Home components. Scenes can be created around the climate and then automated via if-then functions. Get push messages when the temperature or humidity exceeds a certain value. Let your Philips Hue LED lamp change colors to signal that a certain CO2 level has been exceeded and it's time to ventilate or set rules to ensure that the room climate is always at its best. Even your Sonos system can warn you and your family members with the text-to-speech function: "Please let some air in" or "Noise level is too high" are popular examples for this.

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Intelligent weather applications

Wouldn't it be nice to always have the optimal temperature at home, regardless of the weather? And wouldn't it be optimal if the heating system only really works when it is needed, viz. when someone is at home? Netatmo's intelligent radiator thermostats, indoor climate applications and analysis with the Netatmo weather stations help you to always have a healthy feel-good climate at home and save energy at the same time.
Protection from rain, wind and weather
One intelligent use is the combination of the Netatmo outdoor module or rain gauge with window and door contacts and KNX roller shutters. The iHaus LINKITs can be used to automatically shut down the roller shutters when the rain module measures a certain amount of precipitation and the window contacts show open windows. This way, your home is safe from rain and you don't have to worry about it on the way. 
Everything under control - always and everywhere
Let the iHaus App notify you at any time via push-message or e-mail if it is too warm / cold / loud / humid at home. Secret "open house" parties fly up quickly! In this case, program a text-to-speech message and your Sonos speakers will provide peace of mind with a voice from the speaker. Or, for example, let your smart lights flash in your absence to make your kids at home aware that they need to air.
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Video tutorials

Teach-in Netatmo weather station: Connect your Netatmo account to the iHaus Smart Home App: Measure and trigger temperature, CO2, humidity, noise level.
Automate your Smart Home: Program perfect processes with the Netatmo weather station and iHaus. Create your own Vital Climate Manager with Sonos & Philips Hue!

Customer reviews

Die App ist ein guter Helfer für die SmartHome Steuerung. Ich nutze sie für IKEA Tradfri Leuchten und TP-Link WLAN Steckdosen und es klappt super. Klar das die App ein zwei schönheitsfehler hat, aber erstens man kann sie kostenlos ohne Werbung nutzen und es funktioniert auch alles. Ein kleines bisschen bastelei gehört nun auch zur Einrichtung des SmartHome's dazu.
von App-Bewertung


Ich benutze diese App nun schon seit einiger Zeit und muß sagen sie ist Top. Ich steuere damit einige Philips Hue Lampen und TP-Link Steckdosen und alles funktioniert so wie es soll. Da ich auch noch einige Schalter von Sonoff hier benutze würde ich mich über eine integration in iHaus sehr freuen.
von App-Bewertung


Diese App hat viel Potential. Habe mein nicht KNX zertifiziertes Bussystem von Vimar darüber laufen. Ist zwar eine menge Arbeit gewesen aber es hat sich gelohnt.  Alexa ist auch eingebunden und die Reaktionszeiten vom Befehl bis zum eingeschaltenen Licht sind erstaunlich schnell. App am Tablet im Server modus läuft schnell. Die App für unterwegs ist noch ausbaufähig.
von App-Bewertung



The Netatmo climate family

As early as 2012, Netatmo launched the first version of its weather station on the market. Meanwhile, Netatmo operates and sells devices in many European countries and internationally. The portfolio now also includes surveillance cameras and, in the area of climate control, rain gauges, anemometers, the Healthy Home Coach module and intelligent radiator thermostats. The Netatmo product range for the perfect climate at a glance.

Netatmo Weather Station

With the Netatmo outdoor weather station you can monitor the weather at your doorstep in real time. This means you can view information on outdoor temperature, humidity, air quality, air pressure and weather forecasts on your smartphone. The outdoor weather station from Netatmo with its timeless, elegant design is completely weatherproof thanks to its resilient aluminium housing.

Netatmo Rain Gauge

The Netatmo rain gauge complements the smart weather station outside and provides real-time data on the amount and intensity of rainfall on the doorstep. This is practical, for example, to water the plants correctly or to check on the road whether it could rain in open windows.

Netatmo Wind Gauge

With the Netatmo wind gauge in addition to the weather station, you always know how strong the wind blows in your garden, on your balcony or on your terrace. Using the latest ultrasonic technology, the wind meter measures wind direction and speed and warns you of strong gusts.

Netatmo Add-on Indoor Module 

In addition to the outdoor module, the Netatmo weather station's indoor add-on module measures the climate conditions in the house or apartment. Temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2 content and volume in the rooms can thus be called up and optimized always and anywhere. You can use the analysis function in the app to evaluate all collected data in order to permanently optimize the living comfort.




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iHaus App Download for Netatmo

Smart Home App with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android to control IoT and KNX devices

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