Network NEST Protect smoke detectors and CO detectors with the iHaus app

In an emergency, it shows how valuable smart appliances can be in the home. The Nest Protect smoke detector has many features and is useful in everyday life. It detects not only smoke and fire, but also smoldering fires and elevated carbon monoxide levels. With iHaus, you can create an emergency scenario that will allow you to escape quickly.



NEST Protect Rauchmelder

Nest tests itself 400 times a day


Smoke detectors always have to work properly. For this reason, the Nest Protect undergoes 400 daily self-tests. All sensors are tested for their functionality.





Alerted immediately - even on the smartphone


Thanks to networking, every Nest-Protect smoke detector in the house or apartment can sound an alarm in the event of an emergency. As soon as a detector detects a hazard, all other detectors are also informed. In addition, a push notification via the Nest or iHaus app on the smartphone of the residents is appraised. Integrate the Nest Protect Smoke Detector into the iHaus ecosystem to activate your contingency plan in the event of a fire.



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Additional features and sensors

The Nest Protect is more than a simple smoke detector. Not only does he recognize Rauc, but he also detects many more potential dangers with the help of additional sensors. For example, Nest Protect detects smoldering fires and reports carbon monoxide (CO). In addition, it can distinguish between steam and smoke, so there is no false alarm in the kitchen and bathroom.



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