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IKEA Smart Home - control Ikea Tradfri in scenes

What is IKEA Home Smart and Tradfri?

With the Tradfri smart lighting collection, furniture giant IKEA makes smart living easily accessible and affordable. The light system includes LED lamps, LED light panels, LED doors, wireless dimmers, motion detectors, a gateway and the IKEA Tradfri App for digital light control. With the iHaus App you can now connect these products with your existing smart home devices.

Smart Home App mit IKEA Home Smart

With iHaus you can link your smart home devices, regardless of the system or brand, and control them centrally with one app. To link the IKEA Home Smart system with other IoT devices such as Amazon Echo, Alexa or Apple HomeKit, you simply integrate them into the iHaus App via the IKEA TRADFRI app.

Smart Home App mit IKEA Home Smart

First set up your new IKEA Home Smart set according to the manual with the gateway, LED lamps and all the other accessories. Once the IKEA TRADFRI app has detected and integrated your smart lights, the devices will automatically show up in the iHaus App. You can now easily control them within the app


Smart Home App mit IKEA Home Smart

While it is possible to use a single IKEA Home Smart device with the iHaus App, it is much more exciting when you pair devices with each other. You can group all IKEA devices for example and create SUM-ITUP situations for the lamps to react simultaneously. In this way, SUM-ITUP with the IKEA TRADFRI smart home devices also listen to Amazon Alexa.

Smart Home App mit IKEA Home Smart

The iHaus App contains the so-called TRIGGER feature in addition to the SUM-ITUP scenes. Whenever a particular event occurs, a TRIGGER automatically starts the SUMITUP situations. For example, an IKEA motion sensor would not only activate a Swedish lamp, but also other smart home devices.


Alexa controls IKEA TRADFRI via voice command

"Alexa, start scene LEAVING HOME!" Once you have integrated your devices into the iHaus App, you can also control all your IKEA Home Smart devices with Alexa and Amazon Echo. You can manage your individually compiled smart home situations, the so-called SUM-ITUP across systems and brands, with either a fingertip or quite comfortably via voice command.

Note: Linking to Alexa only works with active 24/7 server mode

Smart Home App von iHaus mit IKEA Home Smart

Paired devices and SUM IT-UP can be connected easily with IKEA TRADFRI in the iHaus App and be operated in combination with Philips Hue lamps or Osram Lightify bulbs. A SUMITUP like “EVERYTHING OFF” could be triggered with a single touch or via voice command. With iHaus, everything is possible whether you combine IKEA TRADFRI with Amazon Alexa, IKEA TRADFRI with Hue or IKEA TRADFRI with Apple HomeKit. 

Smart Home App von iHaus mit IKEA Home Smart

With iHaus your smart home is always in sight. The app displays every smart light, loudspeaker, socket, thermostat, IoT and KNX device room by room across all systems and brands. This allows you to control and link the accessories within product groups or in a SUM-ITUP and TRIGGER. In the 24/7 server mode you can control your smart home even on the move.


Alexa controls IKEA TRADFRI with the iHaus Smart Home App

„Alexa, start scene IKEA LIGHT ON!“
IKEA Tradfri Home Smart lights can be controlled with Alexa via voice command. Thanks to the iHaus Smart Home App, the intelligent IKEA lamps can be switched on and off combined with other smart devices such as SONOS, Philips Hue, Elgato Eve, Netatmo and many more in the iHaus Smart Home App.

The iHaus App now recognizes IKEA Tradfri devices

Whether an LED lamp, dimmer, motion sensor or LED light panel - the new IKEA home smart products from the smart lighting collection are ready to go, as soon as they are installed in the TRADFRI app. They can be linked, but also combined with other IoT devices such as Apple HomeKit and the KNX bus systems. By the way: "Trådfri" translates to “wireless” in Swedish.

.Amazon Echo und DOT steuern IKEA Smart Home per Sparchbefehl

  Motion sensor Dimmer switch Remote control iHaus App
Switch lights on/off
Linking device
Dimmer function  
Adjust light colour    
Set timer      
Group light sources      
Create light moods      
Amazon Alexa ready      
Works with Apple HomeKit      
Combinable with Osram      
Combinable with Philips Hue      
iHaus IKEA Tradfri App Download

Smart home app with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android for controlling IoT and KNX devices

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IKEA TRADFRI works with Apple HomeKit and Alexa

Do you want to connect your IKEA TRÅDFRI lamps to Apple HomeKit certified devices, such as an Elgato Eve Energy plug or a Netatmo thermostat? The iHaus App can offer you all this right now. You can now connect your individually created smart home scenes even via voice command to Alexa including the IKEA TRADFRI lamps, the "works with Apple HomeKit" sockets or thermostats, Philips Hue lamps or the SONOS soundsystem. With the iHaus Smart Home App you are your own director.

UTo turn on all devices in your living room, you need to create a SUM-IT[UP] scene and set the switcher of e.g. Sonos, Tradfri, Hue und TP-Link plug in the app "ON". Then name the  SUM-IT[UP] scene "LIVING ROOM". The voice commands to Alexa can be:

  • "Alexa, starte scene LIVING ROOM"
  • "Alexa, start LIVING ROOM"
  • "Alexa, switch on LIVING ROOM"
  • "Alexa, LIVING ROOM on"

The IKEA Home Smart control center

IKEA Gateway

IKEA GateWay

The TRADFRI Gateway is the central control unit for IKEA smart home products. It communicates with the app to design and control light groups. It is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable and is being updated and extended constantly.

Smart remote control

IKEA Fernbedienung

The smart remote control can operate up to 10 LED light sources, panels and light doors with a range of more than 10 meters. They can be dimmed or switched on and off simultaneously and wirelessly and can be changed step by step from warm to cold light.


The IKEA Smart Lighting Family

The Home Smart Lighting series from IKEA is an uncomplicated and affordable way to put your home in it’s best light. No cables, no complicated installation, no expensive accessories, but simply better light conditions and for that a better mood. Dimming, changing from warm to cold light, remote control and combined lamps - TRÅDFRI offers smart home for everyone.

Cordless LED lights


The cordless TRADFRI LED lamps are available in five different versions with a variety of frames and brightness. The LED ball lamp E27 with 1000 lumen emits a warm white light. You can create daylight conditions with the lamp E27 with 980 lumens (matt) and 950 lumens (clear) and the smaller versions E14 and GU10 with 400 lumen each.

Sets with dimmer/ motion detectors


LED lamps for warm white light are available as a set with dimmer or motion sensors as well. With dimmer you can adjust to strong or gentle light. The motion detector switches on the light, when someone enters the room and automatically turns it off after one, five or ten minutes

FLOALT LED light panels


The IKEA Home Smart Light Collection is available in three sizes: square in 30x30 or 60x60 centimeters or high with 30x90 centimeters. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and be changed from warm to cold light in three steps using the TRADFRI remote control.

Cordless LED doors


The smart SURTE doors with LED daylight illumination in size 60x38 centimeters are designed for IKEA BESTÅ cabinets. JORMLIEN doors with LED lighting in 40x80 centimeters ensure a special effect in the METOD kitchen cabinets. They support the room lighting and create a nice atmosphere with adjustable color temperature and dimming function.


iHaus IKEA Tradfri App Download

Smart home app with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android for controlling IoT and KNX devices

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[Photo credit: IKEA]

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