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What is HomeKit?

With the Apple HomeKit system you can operate accessories in your smart home such as light bulbs, sensors, thermostats or sockets. More than 50 brands carry the label "Works with Apple HomeKit", with more brands set to adopt the technology as well. The Apple Home App is available for any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) that works with the iOS 10 operating system.



Smart Home App mit Apple Homekit

Apple HomeKit-enabled thermostats and sockets can now be integrated into the iHaus App. iHaus contains an overall solution for smart homes, which makes it possible to connect KNX systems and IoT devices - Amazon’s Alexa and Apple's HomeKit standard for example. Available devices from the HomeKit app are also shown in the iHaus App..

HomeKit App

Control HomeKit-enabled devices individually with the iHaus App and combine them with other devices to SUM-IT[UP] scenes. With a single touch or via voice command (“BYE BYE”) to Alexa e.g. the sockets are switched off and the heater turns down 2 degrees when you leave the house..

Apple HomeKit App

Each device connected to Apple's HomeKit App has a dedicated page, with relevant information in the iHaus App. Device characteristics are listed, and the current status is displayed. Define and activate an optimal status according to your personal preferences.

Smart Home App mit Apple Homekit

Smart heating regulators from the Apple HomeKit system such as Tado, Honeywell or Netatmo can be controlled via the iHaus App as well. While at home, set the heater to a toasty 23 degrees. While you’re away, choose to keep your home warm at 20 degrees. A touch of your finger, voice command or preset TRIGGER in iHaus will manage it all for you!!


"Alexa, start scene LEAVING HOME!" Once you have integrated your devices into the iHaus App, you can also control all of your Apple HomeKit devices with Alexa and Amazon Echo, which can regulate your individually compiled smart home situations.

Note: Linking to Alexa only works with active 24/7 server mode


iHaus App Download for HomeKit

Smart home app with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android for controlling IoT and KNX devices


The iHaus App now recognizes HomeKit devices

Your iHaus App can now access HomeKit devices as well as IP-enabled IoT devices and KNX home automation systems. Thermostats and sockets with a "Works with Apple HomeKit" label are now shown automatically in iHaus once the setup is completed in the Apple Home App. You can control your smart home easily with only one app regardless of the brand, system or device. Access your HomeKit devices with iHaus without the need for the Apple TV system. You will simply need an iOS, Android smartphone or tablet in server mode connected to your WLAN.

Amazon Echo und DOT steuern HomeKit per Sparchbefehl


Intelligent HomeKit applications

Wifi sockets

Elgato HomeKit

The HomeKit-compatible intelligent sockets allow you to not only switch connected devices on and off via voice command or touch, but also gain valuable insights into your energy consumption. The energy manager clearly shows the devices’ energy consumption and the related costs.

Smart heating regulator

Tado HomeKit

With iHaus you can now not only control smart KNX heating regulator, but also the intelligent thermostats of the HomeKit family. Regulate your heating on the way, save energy and increase your comfort. It keeps you nice and warm at home, but prevents overheating when you are away.

Apple HomeKit lamps

Apple HomeKit lamps

You can now integrate HomeKit-enabled lights into iHaus. These include u.a. the products of OSRAM SMART +, LIFX or the Asian manufacturer Koogeek.



Extend and personalize your lighting system with NanoLeaf's modular panels with millions of colors and animated scenes.

The HomeKit family

Apple introduced the HomeKit framework at their Apple developers conference in 2014. The Home App is now commonly available along with various smart home products that can be controlled with it. New accessories for the HomeKit family are added frequently to create an intelligent home - from light or climate control to security technology and home automation.


Elgato HomeKit

The smart Eve Energy socket from Elgato shows, how much energy your equipment consumes while charging as well as the related costs. Daily, monthly or yearly statistics can be used to find the biggest energy users. With the smart socket, the connected devices such as lamps or loudspeakers can be switched on and off with a touch of your finger or via voice command. With a smart device in active 24/7 server mode, the sockets can also be controlled on the way - even without Apple TV.


Tado HomeKit

With the manufacturer's starter kits plus internet bridge, tado° thermostats are HomeKit-capable and iHaus ready. The Smart Radiator Thermostats decide when it is time to turn on or off the heater based on your smartphone location. They fit most common radiators with standard thermostatic radiator valves. It can also analyze your energy consumption to help optimizing it.


Honywell HomeKit

The thermostats LyricTM T6, T6 Pro, T5 and LyricTM Round from Honeywell can be controlled with the iHaus App via Apple HomeKit. Control the heating through the geofencing feature, depending on whether you are near home or still far away. It ensures the temperature is always optimal in every room.


Netatmo HomeKit

You can save up to 37% of your heating costs with the Netatmo Smart Thermostats. It calculates a heating plan based on your habits and only heats up when it is necessary in comfort, night or eco mode. With the app and in combination with a monthly energy saving report, your energy consumption can be easily monitored. The minimalistic design was provided by star designer Philippe Starck.


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iHaus App Download for HomeKit

Smart home app with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android for controlling IoT and KNX devicesn


[Photo credit: elgato, tado°, Honeywell, Netatmo, Apple]

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