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Home Connect Küche
What is Home Connect?

With the iHaus App selected brands can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. Appliances with the Home Connect function from Siemens and Bosch, Europe's leading brands for household appliances, can be integrated in the iHaus App. Start your coffee machine from bed, preheat the oven on your way home or let your washing machine tell you when your laundry is ready or the powder is low. Manage your connected home via the app, and spend your spare time with the ones who live in it.


It is even easier to control your Home Connect appliances with Amazon Echo and the digital assistant Alexa, which controls all your devices on your voice command.



The Home Connect family

With the iHaus App, certain types of washing and coffee machines, as well as dishwashers and ovens from Bosch or Siemens can be controlled and linked to other IoT and KNX devices in your smart home - with more appliances to follow. Let the devices do the work, and spend your free time on the things that really matter.

The smart home oven

Siemens Home Connect Backofen App

Specific ovens from Bosch and Siemens are equipped with the Home Connect function. They can be switched on and off from anywhere. Preheat the oven when you get into the car or check on your way if you have switched it off.

The smart home coffee machine

Siemens Home Connect Kaffemaschine App

With Home Connect and the smart coffee machines from Siemens or Bosch, you can create a perfect coffee just the way you like it. Match your morning coffee with your personal playlist or get inspired by new recipes.

The smart home dishwasher

Siemens Home Connect Geschirrspüler App

While you are busy at work or out with friends, the smart dishwasher from Siemens takes care of your dirty dishes at home thanks to the Home Connect function. Turn the dishwasher on and off or check the status of the washing. It will also help you select the best program to use or let you know you when you need to buy fresh tabs.

The smart home washing machine

Siemens Home Connect Waschmaschine App

Operate your Home Connect capable washing machines from Bosch and Siemens from anywhere and at any time. Even control them via voice command with the iHaus App and Alexa. You can be notified over your speakers or mobile when the laundry is finished. If you have an i-Dos washing machine it will also let you know, when the detergent is finished.

Download the iHaus App for Home Connect

Smart home app with digital assistant Alexa for iOS and Android to control IoT and KNX device

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Home Connect Geräte

Washing machines product view
Siemens WM6YH840 iQ800
Bosch WAYH2840 Home Professional
Bosch WAYH2840 Home Professional
Coffee machines product view
Bosch CTL636EB6 Coffeemaker
Bosch CTL636ES6 Coffeemaker
Siemens TI909701HC Coffeemaker
Dishwashers product view
Siemens SN478S36TE iQ700 Wi-Fi Dishwasher
Siemens SX578S26TE iQ700 Home Connect Dishwasher
Siemens SN658X06TE iQ500 Wi-Fi Dishwasher
Bosch SMV68TX06E Serie 6 Dishwasher
Bosch SMV88TX36E Serie 8 Dishwasher
Bosch SMU88TS36E Serie 8 Dishwasher
Ovens product view
Siemens iQ700 Home Connect Oven
Siemens iQ700 Home Connect HN678G4S6 Oven
Siemens CS658GRS6 Home Connect iQ700
Siemens HM638GRS6 Home Connect iQ700
Siemens HS658GXS6 iQ700 Oven 
Siemens CN678G4S6 iQ700 Home Connect iQ526 Oven
Bosch HNG6764B6 Serie 8 Oven
Bosch HRG636XS6 Serie 8 Oven
Bosch HRG6769S6 Serie 8 Oven
Refrigerators product view
Siemens iQ700 Home Connect KG56FPI40
Siemens KA92DSB30 Home Connect iQ700 Side-by-Side
Siemens iQ700 KG56FHB40 Refrigerator
Siemens iQ500 Home Connect KG36NAI45 Refrigerator
Siemens KI86SHD40 Home Connect iQ500 Refrigerator
Bosch KGF39HB45 Serie 8 Home Connect Refrigerator
Bosch KGN39LB35 Refrigerator
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Home Connect from Bosch & Siemens


Link your Home Connect devices now with the iHaus App

Your iHaus App now automatically recognizes Home Connect devices from BSH Home Appliances. Once set up they can be controlled in addition to other IoT and KNX devices in your smart home and also via voice command or on your way. That is how it works: 

Home Connect App

1. Adding a new device: To integrate your new Home Connect devices into your iHaus system, set them up in the Home Connect app first. Follow the instructions of the manual and connect it to your WLAN. This step is necessary, so the iHaus App will recognize it. 

Home Connect App

2. Device installed: If the Home Connect app has detected and set up a washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine or the new oven, you will see options for operating the appliances in the app. Now you can operate them digitally.

Home Connect App von iHaus

3. Integrating the device into iHaus: Synchronise the devices in your smart home with the iHaus App regardless of the brand and system. It recognises the appliances automatically, if they have been set up correctly in the Home Connect app. Just select "+ Add" to create a LINKIT.

Home Connect App von iHaus

4. Smart kitchen: Control your Home Connect system using the iHaus App by integrating devices as LINKITs. So you see coffee machine, dishwasher, oven and washing machine in one screen and can even create smart home scenes with SUM-ITUP and control them with Alexa.


"Alexa, turn on COFFEE MACHINE!" Once your Home Connect devices and Amazon Echo is linked to the iHaus App, you can start using them with Alexa. Manage your individually compiled smart home situations, the SUM-ITUPs, via voice command, regardless of the brand or system. When you leave the house, Alexa takes care of your devices, and ensures that all lights, appliances and heating are turned off. Or say "Alexa, turn on coffee machine" to heat it up. She will even make you a cappuccino when you ask for it!

Note: The linking to Alexa only works with an active 24/7 Server mode

Home Connect App von iHaus

The iHaus App is available in the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets, and in the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads. It is important that the device runs in 24/7 server mode, and it’s generally best to use an older model to control your smart home with the iHaus App. This enables access at any time and from anywhere.

Home Connect App von iHaus

You can create smart home SUM-IT[UP] scenes now and set up them up as you like. Activate these scenes with Alexa and Amazon Echo via voice command. TRIGGER is another option, which works according to the “if-this-then-that” principle. Instruct your SONOS speakers for example to turn on a certain song when the washing machine is ready.


Whether it’s a dishwasher, a washing machine, coffee maker or oven: the Home Connect devices from BSH (Bosch & Siemens) are now ready to use as soon as they have been set up in the app. They can be linked, but also connected to other IoT devices, Apple Home Kit and the KNX bus system.

Home Connect App

Download the iHaus App for Home Connect

Smart home app with digital assistant Alexa for iOS and Android to control IoT and KNX devices

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Partner of Home Connect and additional functions

Recipe collection

Home Connect is partnered with Drop, Cookhouse, HelloFresh, myTaste and Simply Yummy to help you find delicious cooking and baking recipes. With the Home Connect function, they will send the perfect device settings directly to your oven.

Amazon Alexa & Dash

With the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service, you can order your dish washing liquid and detergents in the Home Connect app. You can also use Alexa which allows voice control for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

Emission management

With the Home Connect partner SMA Solar Technology AG and Diehl Connectivity Solutions Ltd, you can make sure that your linked appliances use their solar energy systemsoptimally. Save energy and the environment!

Further partners

Another partner of Home Connect is Nuimo by Senic (Wireless Controller), Nest, IFTTT and the digital washing salon Wash & Coffee.


Home Connect devices in mynido model homes

If you would like to experience the smart home environments of mynido and iHaus live, a

display home is ready to visit. Just arrange a consultation date. The new mynido residential area is located on the outskirts of Munich in Karlsfeld, only a five minute walk from the train station, with Munich’s city center about half an hour away.

Download the iHaus App for Home Connect

Smart home app with digital assistant Alexa for iOS and Android to control IoT and KNX devices

Apple Store Google Play Amazon Echo Skill


Home Connect Brands


For over 80 years, appliances from Bosch stand for pioneering technology and top quality. Europe’s market leader combines efficient functionality, reliable quality and excellent design. In 2014 BSH Hausgeräte, a joint venture between Bosch and Siemens, installed the first dishwasher and oven with the Home Connect function. Now a range of specific refrigerators, washing machines, dryer, coffee machines, dishwasher, kitchen hoods, cookers and ovens from BSH can be controlled with an app.


Since the pioneering years of White Goods in Germany in the early 1920s, the Siemens brand stands for high-quality and long-lasting household appliances. Home Connect, which has developed the smart home automation system, is a subsidiary of the BSH Bosch Siemens Group. The Home Connect app supports all BSH smart home appliances that are equipped with a Wifi chip. 


[Photo credit: BSH Hausgeräte GmbH]

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