Connect EnOcean components like wireless switches with KNX + IoT

The EnOcean standard stands for battery-free wireless technology for professional home automation for use in smart buildings and smart homes. In combination with the OPUS greenNet system by JÄGER DIREKT, it is now also possible to enter the mass market, opening up new opportunities. The EnOcean wireless switches, EnOcean sensors, actuators and controllers can be integrated into the iHaus ecosystem. This makes it possible to link EnOcean with the KNX bus system and the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) via the iHaus App.


Building automation

Battery-free wireless switches, sensors and controllers save time and money during installation and ensure high energy efficiency.

Smart Home ready - at no extra cost

With the OPUS system, the basic installation in new buildings can now be networked at no additional cost.


Retrofitting without renovation

Old switch out, new switch in. Upgrade your home without dirt and additional pipes - with the OPUS system ingeniously simple and cost-effective for all existing buildings.

Internet of Things

The EnOcean standard can be easily combined with other systems and the KNX bus system in the Internet of Things (IoT).


iHaus, the All-In-One App for EnOcean, KNX and IoT

As a manufacturer- and system-independent Smart Home App, iHaus connects and visualizes the different standards as well as the EnOcean system on one platform, one server and with one user interface. Devices on the Internet of things such as lighting, sound systems and voice control via Amazon Echo can be connected to professional home automation with EnOcean. 

EnOcean App
Picture: iOS Version

Using EnOcean benefits via iHaus

Product manufacturers

Rapid implementation of battery-free EnOcean wireless technology for lighting and HVAC applications.

Installers & Planners

Flexibility & easy planning for electrical installers, planners and system integrators

House owners

Cost and energy savings and data management for homeowners, investors and facility managers


Increasing efficiency and maintaining the value of real estate for construction investors and facility managers


Control smart home components with iHaus

Many functions and devices in the smart home can be controlled and visualized via the iHaus platform and app across manufacturers and systems. From music and light to heating and household appliances to roller shutters and electric cars. All these components from the world of IoT, EnOcean or KNX can also be switched together as situations and via if-then functions. Situations (SUM-ITUP) can be created such as "leaving home", then all lights could go out, certain sockets would switch off and the heating would shut down. In combination with an if-then setting (TRIGGER), the situation is automatically triggered when a defined condition occurs, as in this case "front door closes". With EnOcean, these functions can also be transferred to familiar switches without cables or batteries, for example by a button on the front door that triggers the "leaving home" scene when activated. Many more applications are possible.

EnOcean App koppelt KNX

Integrate the EnOcean OPUS greenNet system from JÄGER DIREKT

Gateway & Automation Systems

With the OPUS SmartHome Gateway from the iHaus development partner JÄGER DIREKT, EnOcean gets iHaus ready.

Battery-free wireless switches

With EnOcean wireless switches without batteries or cables, scenarios in the smart home can also be controlled with switches.

Battery-free wireless sensors

Wireless sensors such as presence detectors, window/door contacts or motion detectors automate everything.

Actuators & Controllers

EnOcean sockets, repeaters, temperature sensors and heating controllers are also part of the iHaus ecosystem.


Hybrid concept

The basic 230V installation can optionally be supplemented by wireless components.


EnOcean rockers incl. intermediate frames are available for the common brand switches. This means that the OPUS system can also be used with other switches.


If desired, security-relevant functions can be used with AES encryption, similar to online banking.

Health due to wireless devices

Radio pollution occurs only at certain points, without continuous electromagnetic radiation from permanent cables.

EnOcean Opus Gateway

EnOcean Opus Gateway

The OPUS® SmartHome-Gateway AHK

For the connection of the EnOcean standard to the platform iHaus cooperates with the renowned German manufacturer JÄGER DIREKT. Its SmartHome Gateway runs under the quality brand OPUS greenNet, which translates the different protocols of the different systems into a uniform IP language. This enables the manufacturer- and system-independent connection between the devices. This in turn makes it possible to visualize, control and use EnOcean, KNX and IoT devices together in the iHaus platform.





EnOcean voice control with Alexa






EnOcean voice control - with iHaus and the associated Amazon Alexa skill, the scenes can also be controlled quite simply by voice command. The iHaus App functions as server app and controller app in one. The app works with Android or iOS on smartphones, tablets or Amazon Skill for Echo. Thus you control EnOcean, KNX and IoT components with Android or iOS in connection with Alexa voice systems.

EnOcean Amazon Alexa

Control your house from on the road

With iHaus in 24/7 server mode, your smart home always follows you: with the smartphone in your pocket, for example, you can check and regulate the room temperature, switch the lights on and off, open the door or start the washing machine while on the move. All IoT, KNX and EnOcean devices can be monitored and controlled individually or together while on the move.



EnOcean APP


iHaus connects EnOcean with IoT devices

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