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She even listens to your command!

Alexa and iHaus control KNX and IoT with smart home skills

With the iHaus App + Smart Home Skill and Amazon Alexa your smart home becomes even better. Team up Amazon Echo or Echo Dot with Alexa and iHaus, and control scenes in your home with the help of your intelligent sound systems, lamps or sockets. Instruct the shutters to open in the morning for example, or start the coffee machine while Alexa informs you about the traffic on your work route.


Amazon Alexa im Smart Home

Control smart home devices together via Alexa

Amazon Echo and Alexa are now even better combined with the iHaus App. Due to the iHaus App networking with KNX devices from building technology, the Amazon speaker can create and trigger various scenes in your smart home. Trigger a previously defined scene

automatically via voice command to Alexa. Amazon Echo and Dot can access your smart home devices such as heaters, light bulbs, smoke detectors and appliances, regardless of the brand, via the iHaus App.


Alexa communicates with your devices via the iHaus app

Alexa Skills are needed to control many smart home products such as lamps, heaters, weather systems, alarms, smoke detectors or surveillance cameras. KNX devices are used especially in building technology - for example blinds or shutters, sockets, keyless systems, air conditioning and heating controls. All these devices can be combined and configured in the iHaus App to time sequence related scenes. In this case Alexa can start these scenes also via voice command.

Name SUM-ITUPs as easy as possible so Alexa has no trouble understanding them. We recommend for example: "LIGHT ON" or "SONOS OFF". If you want to turn off your lights, call the SUM-ITUP "LIGHT OFF". With the command "Alexa, START SCENE LIGHT OFF" the defined lamps switch off. We show you how to do so in this VIDEO: Alexa & IKEA Tradfri Tutorial.

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Smart home app with voice control over Alexa for iOS and Android to control IoT and KNX devices


Amazon Echo & iHaus: Examples of smart home scenes

„Alexa, start scene LEAVING HOME!”

Trigger this SUM-ITUP via voice command: the lights, the music and the shutters close automatically, before you leave the house.

„Alexa, start scene WAKE UP GROUND FLOOR!”

In the morning you may want to stay in bed, but Alexa is the pick-me-up you need. On your voice command she takes care of you in the morning. She raises the blinds for example and plays your good-mood music, when Alexa turns on the SUM-IT-UP "WAKE UP GROUND FLOOR".


iHaus couples Alexa with premium products

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iHaus Professional

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Easy iHaus configuration

You can now control SUM-ITUP, your smart home scenes, via voice command with Amazon Alexa and iHaus. We will show you here how to connect Amazon Alexa with iHaus. The iHaus App works with the following Amazon devices - Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and Fire Tablet. Start with the iHaus skill in the Alexa app.

Amazon Alexa mit Smart Home App koppeln
Amazon Alexa mit Smart Home App koppeln
Amazon Alexa mit Smart Home App koppeln
App Download

Smart home app with voice control over Alexa for iOS and Android to control IoT and KNX devices


Amazon Echo revolutionizes the smart home market

Amazon Echo & iHaus as the perfect match: FAQs


1. How can two different systems be connected like that?

Amazon provides iHaus with a direct access to your stored scenes via an API. In this way Alexa can address the iHaus scenes and also run them.

2. What makes Amazon Echo and the iHaus App particularly interesting?

For tech enthusiasts and digital innovation fans Amazon Echo and Alexa are a dream come true. The digital assistant even suits people who have just started to be interested in smart homes and can be the first step into connected homes. The loudspeaker responds to voice commands and is perfect for people with limited mobility or physical impairments.

3. How exactly does the Alexa Voice Service from Amazon work?

Alexa is a cloud-based service from Amazon, which is applicable with different devices. With Echo you activate the application with the code word “Alexa” or with the push button directly on the device. When asked questions, she accesses information online and via apps. As she constantly communicates with the cloud, Alexa learns from previous commands and questions. The corresponding Alexa app allows you to activate and deactivate your skills and allows you to view and delete voice recordings.

4. Which apps and devices can be used with Alexa?

Amazon calls Alexa’s abilities and application possibilities "skills”. They vary on a scale of info skills and smart home skills. With info skills you get information such as train schedules, weather reports, recipes or taxi services. With smart home skills on the other hand, all your synchronized household devices can be controlled or you can access your car from the living room. A large selection of these skills is organized in categories in the Amazon Shop including the iHaus skill - and the range is expanding.

5. Can Alexa control HomeKit devices?

Yes, with the iHaus App. If the HomeKit devices are embedded in situations/ scenes, Alexa can run these scenes also via voice command.


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