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iHaus Smart Home App for iOS and Android

  • Universal home control
  • Alexa speech control
  • Connects systems like HomeKit, HomeConnect, Hue, Tradfri and KNX
  • Control via iPhone & Android Smartphone App
Smart Home App from iHaus
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Modern and intelligent building control for business partners

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Why is a smart home useful?

According to leading research, smart home solutions can reduce household emissions by up to 20 percent. Complemented with controlled electrical usage during the day, a smart system will gradually pay for itself from the first year to within the first five years of use. You can test the flexibility of the system within the comfort of your own home.

The key to your smart home

The iHaus Smart Home App is the access to an intelligent and connected home. With a

WIFI connection you can link many devices autonomously from the brand or system. With the iHaus App you can not only connect WIFI enabled devices but also link professional KNX home automation systems with IoT products. The smart system offers more security, more efficiency and more comfort for iOS and Android devices.

iHaus Smart Home App for Android & iOS

iHaus Smart Home App with digital assistant Alexa and HomeKit connection to control IoT and KNX devices..




The smart home in your pocket

To control and link devices easily, we developed communication modules for various brands, classifications and providers – our LINKITs. This removes the need for any additional hardware.


Create your favourite scene

With iHaus SUM-ITUP you can personalise your favourite actions and save it in the app. You choose to switch a device on or off at home, from lights to sound systems, heaters to televisions - it’s all just a fingertip away.


Home automation according to the If-this-then-that-principle

Our so called TRIGGERs automatically initiate the LINKITs and SUM-IT-UP settings, when a certain condition occurs. For example, the app could trigger the SUM-ITUP command “ventilation”, when the temperature reaches 23 degrees and also send a push notification to your smartphone.

Creating Scenes / Situations with the iHaus App


systems iHaus app support
Apple HomeKit
Amazon Alexa
Home Connect
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Supported devices

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Supported devices

iHaus Professional

Supported devices


Everything under control

 The iHaus Smart Home App connects brands and systems

With the iHaus Smart Home App you can link and control all intelligent appliances across different systems and brands. You can also regulate devices connected to a KNX system – whether it's the wireless lamps, the sound system or the shutters and heater.

Additional to smartphones and tablets, the iHaus Smart Home App can now follow instructions through Amazon Echo and Echo Dot via voice command. Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa can command your networked home for you.

Try it for yourself and download the iHaus App for free in your Android or Apple Store! The intuitive operator will guide you through the easy connection of your devices via plug-and-play


Smart Home App from iHaus
View: iOS Version


How it works – an overview

Smart Home App - lighting control from iHaus


The new method of light control

Lights on, lights off or dimmed: With the iHaus App and web-enabled lamps like Philips Hue, IKEA Tradfri or ORSAM Lightify for example, you can simply adjust the light conditions at home to your daily mood with a tap of your finger or a voice command to Alexa.. 

Smart Home App - music control from iHaus


The control centre for good entertainmen

With the iHaus App you can control your smart TV as well as your speakers from SONOS and all your other web-compatible devices at once. Let them do the work for you while you are relaxing on the couch.

Smart Home App - control of smoke detectors iHaus

Smoke detectors

Stay safe

With the wireless connected smoke and heat detectors from iHaus, you will instantly be notified via push message in the event of a fire. In this way you can react quickly - no matter where you are. Upgrade now because smoke detectors are compulsory in many countries!

Smart Home App - Luftmessung von iHaus


Breathe freely in your smart home

With the smart weather station from Netatmo and the iHaus App, you can instantly view data on your room climate - humidity, temperature, CO2 level and even the decibel volume at one glance, always and everywhere.

Smart Home Situationen / Szenen mit iHaus

Smart home-Situationen

SUM-ITUP: Be your own director

One of the best features of the iHaus App is the SUM-ITUP module, which enables you to create your very own personalised scene, with combinations of different devices. One command and every light switches off, the shutters close and your audiobook turns on – the perfect way to relax before bed. Customise the settings to your needs and access it with a tap, via voice command or even with a motion sensor.

App tutorials: How to use iHaus


The iHaus tutorials explain, how to integrate web-enabled devices such as lamps, blinds or sound systems into your LINKITs. Learn how to regulate the climate in your rooms and to control multiple devices at the same time with the SUM-ITUP and the TRIGGER function to personalise your living space.

iHaus Tutorials

Alexa, start scene “LEAVING HOME!”



Note: The linking to Alexa only works with an active 24/7 Server mode. FAQ for connection


Navigate through different smart home scenes with the SUM-ITUP function

How does it work?  Watch our explanation video and learn, how you can control and combine IoT devices using the iHaus App as a central remote control. Simplify everyday routines in your home. Via plug-and-play function in the app you can link compatible devices and ease the daily workflow in your life. These configured scenes save time and money. With iHaus you step up into the Internet of Things!
Alexa, start scene “LEAVING HOME!”
One possible scenario, which can be initiated with the iHaus App is “LEAVING HOME“. KNX and IoT devices in combination with Alexa and the SUM-IT UP function can trigger turning off all lights and the music, as well as shutting the blinds, before you leave the house. 

More Smart Living

More comfort

Make yourself comfortable with iHaus 

Activate the scene “COMING HOME” while on the way or automatized and your smart home is prepared to help you relax. Walk in to your favourite music playing, a perfectly controlled temperature and the lights set to create your ideal atmosphere.

More security

Your security system in your pocket


The iHaus App ensures peace of mind while you’re away. The app sends a warning via push notification, for example, when the alarm of your smoke detectors turns on. When you are away from home for extended periods of time, the iHaus App can simulate your presence just with the touch of a button.

More efficiency

Save energy and money

Reducing your emissions will preserve both the environment and your income. With the energy control of iHaus, you can master sockets, thermostats and other IoT-household appliances, and consume energy only if needed or wanted.

More possibilities

With SUM-ITUP you got it under control

All devices – whether IP-compatible IoT appliances or your intelligent synchronised household linked via KNX connection – will dance to your tune. With personalised scenes, you have the power. Enjoy a warm home as the blinds close and the television turns on during a rainy day or wake up to Bob Marley and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.



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iHaus Smart Home App for iOS & Android

iHaus Smart Home App with digital assistant Alexa and HomeKit connection to control IoT and KNX devices.

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