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Switchable WiFi sockets can be controlled via app and Alexa

You are once again not sure, if you have turned off the iron? Do you feel like your old refrigerator needs too much electricity? Your kids watch too much TV when you are not at home? All these concerns can soon be solved! Whether you are looking for heaters, fans, dryers, refrigerators, washing machines, irons, coffee machines, chargers and even hair straightener. Smart plugs can be used to ready your existing equipment for the internet.You can connect and operate multiple linked WiFi plugs in your smart home, even without the latest IP configuration. Regulate your old devices via the internet sockets in the iHaus App, turn them on and off while you are still on the road, or link and enable them to react on your command and regulate your energy consumption. In addition you can use Amazon Echo to now also control non-web-capable devices via voice command

The best WiFi sockets united in the iHaus Smart Home App.

Which wireless plugs are iHaus ready? Several WiFi plug models of well-known manufacturers are now operable with the iHaus App. Like this they can be connected to other IP sockets and devices in the smart home and be controlled via voice command and Amazon Echo. More and more IP sockets and other smart devices are gradually being added. Currently the following switchable plugs are compatible with iHaus and Alexa: TP-Link HS100 and HS110, Belkin WeMo Insight Switch and Elgato Eve Energy. 

Eve energy
Belkin Wemo

Set up smart home sockets

Smart Home App für WLAN Steckdose

Like all iHaus ready devices, the smart sockets also have to be set up in the manufacturer app before integrating them into the iHaus App. Download the recommended apps first. In case of the iHaus compatible IP sockets they are called WeMo App for Belkin WeMo Insight Switch, Kasa App for TP Link or Apple Home App for Elgato Eve Energy.

Smart Home App für WLAN Steckdose

Once you have set up the wireless socket(s), you can integrate them into the iHaus App. Log in with your iHaus account and add the new smart plug to a room by creating a LINKIT. Tap "Add", then "LINKIT" and "Socket Switch". The iHaus App automatically lists the IP socket(s) there.

Smart Home App für WLAN Steckdose

Whether if it’s a TP link socket with consumption indicator (HS110) or without (HS100), an Apple HomeKit socket (Elgato Eve Energy) or a WeMo socket: You can use the iHaus App across all brands within your rooms and via smart home scenes (SUM-ITUP). Switch all connected electrical appliances on or off simultaneously for example in order to save power.

Smart Home App für WLAN Steckdose

With the iHaus App the WiFi plugs don’t remain alone in your smart home. With the SUM-ITUP "Welcome", you can turn them on together with other smart devices such as Philips Hue lamps, SONOS speakers or Home Connect devices, when you come home. Or you can use the reverse "All Off" scene to simultaneously turn off all devices.


WLAN sockets with Amazon Alexa by voice command control

"Alexa, start scene EVERYTHING OFF!" With iHaus and an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot your WiFi sockets now also listen to your voice command. Just tell Alexa and she will make sure that your saved SUM-ITUP scenes are pulled off on your command. All switchable sockets from WeMo, TP-Link and Elgato can be controlled via iHaus and Alexa without a manufacturer's skill.

Of course you can still plug and unplug your devices from the sockets as usual or push the switch on the multiple socket to save power. But it is tedious. Anyone who has ever experienced, how much more comfortable it is, to switch one or all devices on and off via and app or voice command, only uses the classic switches in exceptional cases. You come home and say "Alexa, start scene WELCOME" and everything is self-regulated: the lights turn on, the music starts and your electrical devices switch on via the WiFi sockets. Pretty handy, right?

Note: Linking to Alexa only works with active 24/7 server mode

iHaus Smart Home App Download

Smart home app with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android for controlling IoT and KNX devices

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Smart plugs make your home really intelligent

Apart from the fact that you always have control of your power consumption by using internet plugs by switching off all connected devices with just one finger tap, the switchable sockets have an almost incredible advantage: They make all your devices at home smarter by connecting them to you WiFi network. This allows all your electrical appliances to be controlled with the app as well. Older irons, coffee and washing machines, lamps, speakers or refrigerators are easy to integrate into your smart home. 


Access from the road

Devices connected to the smart sockets can be controlled from the road via the iHaus App too while the app is running in 24-hour server mode. You think you might not have turned off your iron? Don’t worry, you will get rid of this problem with a fingertip. 

Create schedules

If no one is at home between 9am and 5pm, you can make sure that your electrical appliances whether IP-enabled or not are off in this time. Or you simulate your presence automatically when you are on vacation with the iHaus App and smart home sockets.

Consumption indicator

Smart home plugs with consumption indicator keep your energy consumption in sight and save electricity and money. So you will find energy guzzlers and optimize your ecological footprint. You get push messages by increased consumption too.

Installation and operation

The installation of the WiFi sockets in the manufacturer and iHaus App is only necessary once and happens real quick. After that you can simply plug in and use various devices, even if you attach a standard multi socket and connect more devices. 


iHaus features at one glance

  Belkin WeMo Insight Switch Elgato Eve Energy TP-Link HS 100 TP-Link HS 110
Switch on via app
Turn off via app
Connection to iHaus ready devices
External access with iHaus App
Voice command Alexa via iHaus App
Measure power consumption      

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Connect smart sockets with iHaus App

We will show you, how the IP sockets are integrated into the iHaus App

Link WiFi plugs Belkin WeMo and TP Link..

First you have to integrate the smart plugs in the manufacturer app, only then you can integrate them in the iHaus App. Therefore you have to create a LINKIT. You can see how easy this is in the following video:

Link devices = SUM-ITUP

This is important! To control your devices with the iHaus App from the road, the Smart Home App must run in a 24-hour server mode. We explain, how to create a SUM-ITUP in this video tutorial:


All iHaus ready smart plugs at one glance

Four IP sockets from three different manufacturers are already compatible with the iHaus App: TP-Link HS100 and TP-Link HS110, Belkin WeMo Insight Switch and Elgato Eve Energy via Apple HomeKit, which can also be used with iHaus for Android devices.

The TP-Link HS100 and TP-Link HS110, Belkin WeMo Insight Switch and Elgato Eve Energy are also available with Alexa. You can get an overview of the various smart sockets and their specific features here.


Elgato Eve Energy

Elgato HomeKit

The smart Elgato Eve Energy socket will show you, how much energy your devices consume when charging and what that costs. Day-by-day, monthly or yearly statistics can be used to reveal energy guzzlers. The iHaus App in combination with the HomeKit socket and connected devices, lamps or loudspeakers for example can be switched on and off with one fingertip or via voice command even from the road and without Apple TV, but with a smart Apple or Android device in server mode.

TP-Link HS 100

Tado HomeKit

The TP-Link HS100 WLAN socket is the best choice for smart home beginners, who want to discover the advantages of networked homes. With the Kasa app for Android or iOS it is easy to set up and has the basic, but most important functions a smart home plug needs. The only tricky point: the TP-Link HS100 does not have an intelligent consumption display compared to the newer model HS110.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Honywell HomeKit

With the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch you can control not only fans, dryers and other non-web-capable devices, but also regulate your electricity consumption at home via an energy manager. The high-quality internet socket is also controllable with Amazon Echo and Alexa and allows rules and notifications in the manufacturers or iHaus App.

TP-Link HS 110

Netatmo HomeKit

The smart TP-Link socket HS110 costs only a little more than the starter model H100, but has even a consumption indicator to it’s advantage. This allows the power consumption to be analyzed in real-time or via regular reports. Like the H100 it enables interval timer presence simulations and is controllable via voice command and Amazon Echo.

iHaus App Download

Smart Home app with voice control via Alexa for iOS and Android for controlling IoT and KNX devices

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[Photo credit: elgato, TP-Link, Belkin, Apple]

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